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Cake sale and sample for the ARF
« on: March 27, 2016, 07:58:59 pm »
So much kindness and hard work once again from successful fundraising.  :)

Helen Rishton and her team have just raised £540.00 from a cake sale and sample at JDW Commercial where she works. A phenomenal amount of money for a cake sale.  :)

What a very good idea to add sampling cake to the event as a way to encourage sales. An enormous thank-you from everyone here on the forum and from other NAC patients for the efforts of so many who organised the event and who made and sold cakes. Appreciation too for those who generously donated ingredients for their cakes.

Helen has kindly added the money raised to the justgiving fund of the nearby Window Company in Sale Cheshire. The team there has chosen the UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund as their charity of the year. The events so far this year have raised £1,788.65. Just brilliant!  :)

The Window Company's next challenge is the Manchester Marathon in April. Please show your support and appreciation by donating to the company's justgiving fund:

Remember our wonderful scientists and Doctors at the NAC depend on fundraising to accelerate and further research and develop new treatments so that sufferers may have a better quality of life. We owe them so much.
 :) :) :)
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