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AUCTION for the Amyloidosis Research Fund.
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:36:46 pm »
Press release by The Window Company, July 5th 216

AUCTION of an amazing artwork valued at £1,250.00. A limited edition of a creation by well known artist Amanda McCran from Manchester Mosaics & elusive Manchester street artist Mancsy.
Dimensions: Dimensions 75cm x 53cm

WHEN: this coming Friday, July 8th at 7.30pm.

WHERE:  Ashton on Mersey Cricket club.

BY: The Window Company, Sale.  Rocking and Rolling with the Jailbirds, Educated Risk and The Fat Loaf. 

WHY: for The UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund.

Tickets: £17.50 on sale from: Phone: 07878193499

Pre bids can be made prior to the gig by email :
Photo of the mosaic available on request from the eaddress above.
A STAR attraction on the night will be the auction of the limited edition creation by Amanda McCran &  Mancsy. It is from a unique small exhibition Mancsy held recently at Manchester's Victoria Warehouse. This very generous donation for The UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund is part of a collaborative project of local businesses working together to raise much needed funds and awareness for charities with a local connection. 
The artwork is a business collaboration.  "Think Banksy but from Manchester"

As Manchester folk will know Mancsy is well known for his monthly limited edition screen-prints which he posts around Manchester for people to find. Mancsy’s work usually features the industrious Manchester worker bee from the city’s coat of arms, modified to include a hazard twist to its stripes. Manchester is famous for its creativity, and Amanda McCran and Mancsy are testament to this.
Mancsy is a different sort of street artist. He leaves limited edition screen prints around the city. To add to the fun, he drops hints on social media about where he’s left the latest offering, and allows his fans to find, and keep them.

Amyloidosis is an aggressive, rare, life threatening incurable disease, so rare that some Doctors do not recognise it until it's too late. It affects about 3.000+ people in the UK. Sticky insoluble amyloid fibrils clump together in internal organs, causing serious damage and malfunction.  Lesley Toft, the Mum of one of the Window Company team, has amyloidosis. Luckily it was caught in time and suspected by her Dr at The Manchester Royal Infirmary. She was immediately referred to The National Amyloidosis Centre, in London, the only location in the UK with the highly specialised expertise to provide thorough diagnostic testing and advice on treatment and management of the disease. Lesley courageously pulled through the toughest of all chemotherapies and is now in remission. BUT it will BITE BACK. When? NO-ONE knows.

Every penny raised from the gig, raffle and auction on the night will go to the Amyloidosis Research Fund which supports the scientists working to discover a better treatments and ultimately a cure from this cruel deadly disease.

Come and join us at what promises to be an amazing bash plus BBQ promoted by The Window Company in aid of The UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund, our chosen charity of the year. Your support will benefit Lesley, her fellow sufferers together with the outstanding Doctors and Scientists at The National Amyloidosis Centre.
Everything from secretaries to scientists costs MORE for rare diseases such as amyloidosis.

For forum members wishing to make a direct donation to the Window Company's donation page in aid of
The UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund, here is the link:

Every little helps  :)  :)
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