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How to use the forum - IMPORTANT, please read this!
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In order to receive notifications when there are new posts on the forum, go to the “General Discussions” board and click on “Notify” on the top right of the board. For further options on the type of notification you wish to receive, click on “Profile” above the board, then click on “Notifications” on the left hand side, under the “Modify Profile” heading.For detailed instructions on how to modify your notification settings see the attached PDF: How to receive notifications of new posts on the forum.
Adjusting your member profile

Please adjust your member profile to include some information about yourself. You can do this when you first register on the forum, or you can add information later. You could mention whether you are a patient or family member, what type of amyloidosis you or your family member has, when the diagnosis was made, your age etc. This will help you to connect with others with similar interests. Please bear in mind that although only registered members can write posts on the forum, the forum contents can be viewed by anyone on the internet. If you have privacy concerns, do not post personal information.
For detailed instructions on how to adjust your member profile, see the attached PDF: How to adjust your profile.

Getting started

If you are not familiar with how to use an online forum, see the attached PDF: Instructions for using the forum

It includes clear instructions on things like how to start a new topic, reply to a topic, start a poll and quote a post. This information is also available online at:
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