Author Topic: Prestigious award from Myeloma U.K. to Poole NHS trust Haematology team  (Read 2331 times)


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Congratulations yesterday for Poole NHS Trust Haematology team, “ for fulfilling a number of criteria set by its Clinical Service Excellence Programme.” The Poole Haematology team is just 1 of 12 Haematology Depts in the U.K. to have been awarded this special award for excellence by Myeloma U.K. as  one of the leading Haematology Departments in the U.K.

It was thanks to Dr Jack & his retired colleague Dr Bell, at Poole who diagnosed me with AL Amyloidosis in 2004.

The minute Dr Bell saw a photo of me with chronic peri- orbital bruising around both eyes, he sent me for a flc blood test. I returned 1 week later & saw Dr Jack who told me that I had amyloid fibrils circulating in my blood. He took a bone marrow biopsy there & then in clinic, took a urine sample & sent me for an ECG & echocardiogram.

I returned again a week later. Dr Jack explained that amyloid had been detected in my bone marrow & that with the amyloid circulating in my blood he had enough evidence to  promptly refer me to  NAC  for a full 2 day clinical evaluation with an overnight stay for 2 courtesy of the NHS for patients with rare diseases.

The  NAC, is the only such centre in the world with such outstanding expertise in every type of amyloidosis...over 150!

In 2007 & 2011 respectively, Professor Gilmore & Dr Gibbs at the NAC both told me that “Dr Jack is one of the very best Haematologists who the NAC medical team work with in the U.K.”

Dr Gibbs was training on a prestigious clinical & academic research placement for 3 years at the NAC. This just emphasises the world class specialist amyloidosis clinical work & research at the NAC. Dr Gibbs, went on to open a satellite amyloidosis clinic at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Now Dr Gibbs is  a leading Australian Haematologist & amyloidosis specialist  back in his native Australia where he has opened & leads 2 specialist amyloidosis centres in Melbourne & Victoria.

Back to Dr Jack, he is still an excellent Haematologist for me at Poole & works collaboratively with the NAC for his amyloidosis patients.

 Currently Dr Jack & Dr Smith a Registrar in the Poole Haematology team are supervising my top-up Rituximab AL amyloidosis treatment.

Such a pity Dr Jack did not get a mention in the Echo, but unfortunately, the Echo does not sometimes get things quite right!

Myeloma U.K. has been of robust support to AL Amyloidosis in the U.K. for many years providing a long list of specialist patient resources & videos by our NAC medical team. Myeloma U.K. also sponsors the AL Amyloidosis Infoday in London which just happened to have been yesterday.

MUK generously records the presentations of all of our specialist NAC Drs  plus a patient experience & uploads the recordings to its website to anyone interested both here in the U.K. & across the world.

Thank-you Myeloma U.K. for all you do for both Myeloma & AL Amyloidosis patients in the U.K. & globally. 😊😊😊😊