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Research company seeking patients to interview
« on: June 04, 2020, 07:53:13 pm »

I've been asked to post the following. This company has no connection to the NAC:-

I’m Vittoria from Liberating Research, a patient focused research company based in the UK. We are running a research study on behalf of a pharmaceutical company who are looking to understand journeys of those living with Amyloidosis to understand further, their treatments and ongoing management living with this diagnosis. We would really value your assistance in posting about our research to your followers, who may be willing to help us understand their experiences as part of the research study. We’re looking to speak with UK patients with AL Amyloidosis in particular, however, we’d be interested in speaking with others with a diagnosis of Amyloidosis as well. The research would involve a 60 minute online community lasting over 2 weeks which is a great opportunity to anonymously meet others and share stories. The incentive for those eligible to take part in the study is £90 of which 10% would be donated to a charity of their choice, and they can donate more if they wish. This research will begin week commencing 22nd June, so we wanted to take this opportunity to reach out ahead of time. Please
find attached our invitation page where individuals can find out more about this study and sign up should they be interested:


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Re: Research company seeking patients to interview
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Sounds interesting, will explore further.