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Chloe Bullock

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Pat Pinchin in memoriam fund
« on: October 02, 2021, 03:38:11 pm »
Dear everyone,

Many people on this forum knew Pat, my Mum, from her years of contributing to it.  Lots of you were her friends.  After she passed away in June 2020, my Dad and I were absolutely overwhelmed by the many kind messages we received from people all over the UK sending their condolences, and also expressing their gratitude for Pat's support and the vast knowledge of Amyloidosis that she shared with so many NAC patients.  To honour Pat's memory, and the inspiring way in which she helped others, despite her own personal suffering, we have decided to set up an in memoriam appeal for the Amyloidosis Research Fund.  All donations, big and small, will be very much appreciated.  Please consider giving what you can, via the link below, by way of thanks not only to Pat, but also for the wonderful work carried out by all at the NAC.

With love and grateful thanks,  Pat's daughter, Chloe, and Pat's husband, Patrick.